Bravecto for dogs: tablets and drops

This is a systemic antiparasitic drug, available in tablets (bravecto for dogs) and drops for external use (bravecto spot it).

The purpose of the drug

Bravecto for dogs gives a prolonged effect (12 weeks), protecting the pet from fleas, subcutaneous, scabies and ear mites, as well as reducing the risk of diseases transmitted by them. Bravecto is prescribed both for treatment and for the prevention of the following diseases:

  • aphanipterosis;
  • various acaroses;
  • allergic dermatitis;
  • demodicosis;
  • sarcoptosis;
  • otodectosis;
  • babesiosis.

Ixodid ticks are considered carriers of many infections, including one of the most severe, babesiosis. Infection occurs within 24-48 hours after the bite, causing loss of appetite, yellowness, fever, blanching of the mucous membranes and darkening of the urine.

Subcutaneous ticks penetrate the hair follicles, causing itching, redness of the epidermis (including paws and auricles), general or local alopecia. The dog not only completely / partially hair falls out, but also purulent foci appear.

Scabies mites (Sarcoptes scabiei) usually attack the epidermis of those parts of the body where less hair grows. The most severe lesions are observed in the auricles, around the eyes and on the hock / elbow joints. Sarcoptosis is also accompanied by alopecia and intense itching, followed by crusting.

Ear mites (Otodectes cynotis) that live on the head (especially in the ear canals), tail and legs are the culprits of most (up to 85%) of otitis externa in dogs. Symptoms of otodectosis are itching, when the animal is constantly combing its ears, or copious discharge from the ears.

Composition, release form

Bravecto for dogs has the generic name "fluralaner" and is produced for the Russian consumer in LLC "Intervet" MSD Animal Health. The MSD Animal Health Veterinary Division itself, created in 2009 after the Dutch merger, is now part of the international pharmaceutical company MSD.

Oral tablets

These are cone-shaped (with a cut off top) chewable tablets with a smooth / rough surface, sometimes interspersed, painted in a light or dark brown color.

Attention. The manufacturer has developed 5 dosages, distinguished by the amount of active component: in 1 tablet, there may be 112.5, 250, 500, 1000 or 1400 mg of fluralaner.

As auxiliary ingredients are:

  • sucrose;
  • sodium lauryl sulfate;
  • aspartame and glycerin;
  • disodium pamoate monohydrate;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • polyethylene glycol;
  • flavoring and soybean oil;
  • corn starch.

Each Bravecto tablet is sealed in a blister of aluminum foil, packed together with instructions in a cardboard box.

Drops for external use

This is a clear (colorless to yellow) liquid intended for spot application and containing 280 mg of fluralaner and up to 1 ml of auxiliary components in 1 ml of the drug.

He packs the bravecto spot in pipettes (with caps made of high density polyethylene), packed in aluminum laminated sachets. There are 5 dosages for different animal weights:

  • for very small breeds (2-4.5 kg) - 0.4 ml (112.5 mg);
  • for small ones (4.5-10 kg) - 0.89 ml (250 mg);
  • for medium (10-20 kg) - 1.79 ml (500 mg);
  • for large (20-40 kg) - 3.57 ml (1000 mg);
  • for very large breeds (40-56 kg) - 5.0 ml (1400 mg).

Pipettes are packaged individually (one or two) in cardboard boxes along with instructions. Both forms of medicine, both tablets and solution, are dispensed without a prescription by a veterinarian.

Instructions for use

Due to its long protective effect and a small number of restrictions, a bravecto for dogs looks more advantageous than other modern insectoacaricides. The drug is approved for pregnant and lactating bitches, as well as puppies older than 8 months.

Tablet form

The therapeutic dose for oral use is 25-56 mg of fluralaner per 1 kg of dog weight. Dogs willingly eat pills with an attractive taste / smell, refusing them extremely rarely. In case of refusal, the medicine is placed in the mouth or mixed with food, without breaking the tablet and making sure that it is swallowed completely.

Attention. In addition, tablets can be given before feeding or immediately after it, but it is undesirable - on an absolutely empty stomach, if food intake is delayed.

Once in the body, the tablet dissolves, and its active substance penetrates the tissues / blood of the animal, showing the maximum concentration in the most vulnerable to bite areas - axillary cavities, inner surface of the auricles, abdomen, groin area and pillows of canine paws.

The tablet does not scare away fleas and ticks, but begins to work after a bite, delivering poison to parasites, pumped blood and subcutaneous fat. The maximum concentrations of fluralaner remain in the subcutaneous tissues for 3 months, which is why newly arriving parasites die after the first bite. Doctors allow pets to walk, including in the rain and snow, immediately after taking the Bravecto pill.

Bravecto Spot He

When applying the external solution, the dog is placed in a standing / lying position so that its back is strictly horizontal, holding the pipette tip over the withers area (between the shoulder blades). If the dog is small, the contents of the pipette are dripped in one place, having previously spread the hair.

With large sizes of the dog, the solution is applied at several points, starting from the withers and ending with the base of the tail. Make sure that the liquid is applied evenly along the entire spine, otherwise it will drain down before reaching the target. An animal treated with a bravecto spot he is not washed for several days, not allowing swimming in natural reservoirs.

Precautionary measures

Safety measures, as well as elementary rules of personal hygiene are more useful when working with a solution of bravecto spot it than with a tablet form of the drug. Carrying out manipulations with the liquid, you can not smoke, drink and eat food, and at the end of the procedure, wash your hands with soap.

Direct contact with bravecto spot is contraindicated in people with hypersensitivity to its main components. If drops fall on the skin / eyes, the affected area is washed with running water.

Important. If the solution accidentally enters the body or an acute allergic reaction begins, call a doctor or go to the hospital, capturing the annotation for the drug.

In addition, Bravecto spot, it refers to flammable liquids, which is why it is kept away from open flame and any heat sources.


The manufacturing company indicates three factors in the presence of which Bravecto for dogs in tablets and Bravecto spot it is prohibited for use:

  • individual intolerance to individual components;
  • age less than 8 weeks;
  • weight less than 2 kg.

At the same time, parallel use of Bravecto with insect-acaricidal collars, glucocorticosteroid, anthelmintic and anti-inflammatory non-steroid medications is allowed. In combination with all the listed remedies, Bravecto for dogs does not reduce its effectiveness and rarely provokes undesirable reactions.

Side effects

Based on GOST 12.1.007-76, Bravecto is classified as a low-hazard (hazard class 4) substance according to its degree of exposure to the body, and therefore does not exhibit embryotoxic, mutagenic and teratogenic properties if the recommended dose is not exceeded.

Attention. If you follow the instructions, side effects / complications are practically excluded, but in rare cases, they are still observed. This is salivation, loss of appetite, diarrhea and vomiting.

Some veterinarians advise you to wait until the vomiting stops (if it happened in the first 2 hours after taking the bravecto), and give the chewable tablet again. Some symptoms (poor appetite and general lethargy) also occur with an overdose, however, after a while they disappear without outside interference.

It is also quite rare for Bravecto spot to provoke side effects, such as itching, redness or skin rashes, as well as hair loss in the place where the solution got. If a negative reaction manifests itself immediately, rinse off immediately with shampoo.

Bravecto cost for dogs

The drug can not be called cheap, although (given the long action inside the body) its cost does not seem too high. In online stores, chewable tablets are offered at about the following price:

  • bravecto for dogs weighing 2-4.5 kg. (112.5 mg) - 1 059 rub.;
  • bravecto for dogs weighing 4.5-10 kg. (250 mg) - 1 099 rub.;
  • Bravecto for dogs weighing 10-20 kg (500 mg) - 1,167 rubles;
  • bravecto for dogs weighing 20-40 kg (1000 mg) - 1345 rubles;
  • Bravecto for dogs weighing 40-56 kg (1400 mg) - 1,300 rubles.

A solution for external use of bravecto spot it costs about the same amount, the effect of a single use of which also lasts at least 3 months:

  • Bravecto spot, it is 112.5 mg for very small breeds (2-4.5 kg), a 0.4 ml pipette - 1050 rubles .;
  • Bravecto spot, it is 250 mg for small breeds (4.5-10 kg), 0.89 ml pipette - 1120 rubles;
  • Bravecto spot he 500 mg for medium breeds (10-20 kg) pipette 1.79 ml - 1190 rubles .;
  • Bravecto spot, it is 1000 mg for large breeds (20-40 kg), a pipette of 3.57 ml - 1300 rubles;
  • Bravecto spot, it is 1400 mg for very large breeds (40-56 kg) 5 ml pipette - 1420 rubles.

Bravecto reviews

The forums are full of conflicting opinions about bravecto for dogs: for some, the drug turned out to be a real salvation from insects and ticks, while others tell about the sad experience of its use. Both dog lover camps suspect each other of commercial interest, considering positive / negative reviews to be paid.

# review 1

We have been using Bravecto tablets for more than 3 years. The weight of our stafford (bitches) is slightly less than 40 kg. We give for the pill, which the dog bursts with great pleasure, 1,500 rubles. It is valid for 3 months, then we buy the next one, taking a break for the winter. We run out of town in the fields and forest. We wash ourselves at home and, even finding ticks, we see that they barely move their paws.

# review 2

This is poison. I used bravecto on my favorite Pomeranian spitz (weight 2.2 kg). Until now, already a month and a half, we have been fighting for her life - a healthy dog ​​had acute gastritis, reflux esophagitis and acute pancreatitis.

I am extremely interested in who writes the rainbow reviews about this poisonous drug? How long have they used it in practice, or have they just been paid for laudations?

To my great regret, I learned the details about the drug too late, when I had already given this muck to my dog. And now, the diagnosis and treatment of all these complications are much more expensive than the treatment of pyroplasmosis!

# review 3

Recently I asked the veterinarian what flea and tick remedy is best for my dog, and I got a definite answer - bravecto. Thank God that before acquiring this miracle drug, I set out to search for information on the Internet.

It turns out that the European Union created a petition against the release and sale of this medicine, since more than 5 thousand cases of diseases provoked by the use of bravecto (more than 300 of them fatal) were recorded. It also turned out that before entering the Russian market, the bravecto experienced only 112 days, and the studies themselves were carried out in Canada, where there are few ixodid ticks characteristic of our area.

In addition, the developers have not created a single antidote that can relieve the symptoms of intoxication and anaphylactic shock that occur when taking bravecto. It has been experimentally established that the tablet (taking into account the Russian climate and dense forests) does not work for three, but for only one month. For this reason, it is recommended to supplement the tablet with the wearing of an insecticidal collar, which adversely affects the health of the dog.

And how can a tablet that enters the body of an animal be harmless? After all, all chemical compounds penetrate the blood, skin and important organs ... I think that the recommendations of our veterinarians are not free: this is just a marketing trick, for which they are well paid!

# review 4

We are not an organization, but only voluntarily rescue dogs without any funding, therefore, we do not always give them expensive drugs that provide reliable protection. Our experience has shown that not a single drop or collar helps as well as a bravecto. I tried various drops on my 5 dogs, but from this year (on the advice of my veterinarian) I decided to transfer my pets to Bravecto tablets, despite their high cost.

Ticks have already appeared in our forests and started to bite dogs, but I can see the result from the bravecto right now. Many dog ​​lovers have experienced pyroplasmosis, and I know what it is: I have twice treated my dogs for pyroplasmosis, and this is incredibly difficult. Do not want anymore. The main thing is to observe the dosage, otherwise you will harm the health of your dog or you will not achieve the desired effect.

From my point of view, today Bravecto tablets are the best protection for dogs from parasites. At least two tablets for one season are needed. By the way, there are stickers inside the package so that the owner does not forget when he gave the drug and when it expires. Stickers can be glued to the passport. I have a Bravecto magnet attached to my refrigerator, which shows the start / end dates of the tablet.

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