Giant Schnauzer dog. Description, features, price and care of the Giant Schnauzer

Tall as alpine mountains. "Giant Schnauzer" is translated from German as "big schnauzer". At the withers of the dog about 70 centimeters. About the Alps put in good reason. It is believed that it is in their foothills - the birthplace of the breed. But, officially it was recognized only in the 1909th year.

Then, by the way, the name "rizena" was not yet invented. In the literature of the 19th and early 20th centuries they are called "Bavarian wolfhounds." Bavaria is a German land. It was there that the schnauzers were taken seriously. Dogs were used to protect cattle flocks from attack by predatory animals. In modern times, they rarely ask for this from rizens. About the breed and its features, further.

Description and features of Giant Schnauzers

Thoroughbred Giant Schnauzer has a square format. This means that the height at the withers is directly proportional to the length of the body of the pet. The representatives of the breed have a large, elongated head. Its length is approximately equal to the index from the withers to the tail.

The nose and its lobe in rizen are black, homogeneous. Color deviations are considered a defect. Black and lips. They are dry, close to each other, that is, the dog does not suffer from excessive salivation.

Only black can be the hair of an animal. It's about its axis. It is thick, rough, resembles a wire. But, a soft undercoat can be light. In this case, it is said that dog schnauzer - The owner of the color "pepper and salt."

Like any schnauzer, the woolen axis of the rizens forms a beard, overhanging eyebrows and bangs, “cuffs” on the paws. Paws have other distinctive features. Thus, the Giant Schnauzer breed is distinguished by “cat's paws”. This means that the fingers are tightly shifted, assembled into a “lump”. The general appearance of the legs is powerful, and the whole form of rizen is rather squat than elegant.

Types of Giant Schnauzers

Giant Schnauzer breed - the largest and most powerful representative of schnauzers. There are 3 breeds in the group. In addition to rizenov, there is a mittel, that is, medium dogs. Their height is about 45 centimeters at the withers. But, there are miniature miniature schnauzers, reaching only 30 centimeters.

The latter are decorative animals for domestic use only. The medium and large schnauzers are recognized as service dogs, that is, to this day they can guard herds, transported goods, and hunt. Mittels, for example, are recognized rodent fighters. In Germany they were kept on farms so that mice and rats did not empty barns and fields.

Giant Schnauzers price

They are not only larger than their counterparts, but also more expensive. 35 000 rubles - the average price at which they diverge Giant Schnauzer puppies in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the capitals of dogs offer mainly kennels.

That is, associations specifically involved in breed breeding. 50 000 rubles - so much is asked for a puppy of the breed Giant Schnauzer nursery "5 years of Gently Born." This is the most famous center in Russia, and therefore its prices are too high. For the prestige and reputation of the nursery, unspoken rent is charged.

Giant Schnauzer puppy

Private breeders are slightly inferior in price. If the sale is regional, then you can keep within 15-20 000 rubles. There are also offers for 10,000, but rarely. Cost below this mark - either urgent, forced sale, or the presence of serious defects in the dog.

Those are considered non-standard color, overshot, snack, light nose and not only. The minimum amount is asked for individuals without a pedigree (puppy card) and offspring from mixed breeding. In other words, cheap rizena are often only half of them — one parent is thoroughbred and the other not.

Giant Schnauzer at home

Giant Schnauzer on a photo usually represented as a long-haired dog, while it almost does not shed. It is convenient for keeping a pet in the apartment. The "fur coat" of the dog, also, almost does not roll. Up to a very old age, representatives of the breed remain mobile and active.

But, the age of large dogs comes relatively early. Often, pets do not live up to 12 years. Under optimal conditions, life extends for two years. Individuals who have lived more than 14 years are few.

Giant Schnauzers love splashing in the water

Before you buy a Giant Schnauzer, you must be aware that such a dog eats a lot and moves a lot. Daily, long walks are required. Walking should not take place alone, for example, in the courtyard of the cottage. Representatives of the breed need to communicate, they are happy to become "family members". But, this is not the only condition for caring for risen.

Grooming Schnauzers

The main problem in wool processing. For constant compliance with the standard, haircuts are required every 2, 3 months. The maximum bar so that the dog does not turn into a dumped lump is 7, 8 months. Between haircuts, pets are cleaned with special brushes. They are put on a hand like a mittens.

Risen prone to dandruff. Regular bathing helps to avoid it. But, to arrange a bathroom for a large dog, of course, is not easy. Some use a shower if the dog is quiet. True, you can’t add some vinegar to the shower. Such a “balm” looks after the dog’s fur coat, making it resilient and shiny.

The breed is very active and playful.

A mandatory care article is cleaning your ears and eyes. Riesen’s ears are half-hanging. Covering the inner shell contributes to the debate of the skin, the growth of bacteria. Representatives of the breed do not have specific diseases. However, a number of vaccinations are required, standard for all dogs.

Given the strength and power of the Giant Schnauzers, their training is desirable. The sooner you start it, the better. Pets are not famous for aggression, but without proper upbringing they are able to do harm at home, for example, to bite something.

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