Cow animal. Features and care for the cow

What kind of animal do we get to know from early childhood? Who feeds us with his milk so that we grow strong and healthy? That's right, cow. A cow is a sacred animal. Residents of many countries treat her as a deity.

The Egyptians, for example, have long depicted their Goddess Hathor as a cow. Only recently have this image been changed to a woman with cow horns. It is a symbol of heaven, love and fertility. According to legend, the sun god Ra used to raise a heavenly cow from the ocean floor.

In India, this animal was and is a symbol of fertility, abundance and fertility. We, the Slavic peoples animal cows - This is the personification of the heavenly goddess and the nurse of everything on earth. In fact, it’s really difficult to find something more wholesome than grandma’s genuine fresh milk.

Cow lifestyle

For several millennia, cows live next to people. During this time, people managed to study the lifestyle, habits and preferences of these animals well.. Cow pet has its own tastes in food and even in music. Yes, scientists have found that cows are true music lovers.

If they like a certain melody, and the owner will periodically turn it on specifically for the burenka, then milk yield may increase. They can recognize a melody by its rhythm. And experts in cows distinguish about 11 melodies in their lowing.

This animal belongs to the suborder of ruminants. This is a female domestic bull. Their children are called calves and heifers. Currently, in agriculture, meat, dairy and meat and dairy species of cows are used.

The weight and size of cows depends on their breed. Dwarf cows are in fashion now. They can weigh from 250 kg. The smallest is in England. Her height is only 80 cm. On average, a normal cow weighs from 750 to 1400 kg. The size of this animal depends on the direction of the farm.

If it is a meat breed, then it is, accordingly, always larger than milk. The color of cows is very different, ranging from white and cream to black. It depends on the habitat of the animal.

To buy a cow Nowadays, it’s almost the same as buying a used car. The price of a cow depends on the purpose for which it is bought. Meat is usually cheaper than dairy.

Cow feeding

This is a ruminant herbivore. For the winter, crops are harvested for them, beets, corn, hay and silage. Dairy breeds will produce more milk if feed and mineral supplements are included in their diet. It is imperative that the cow receives a certain amount of salt and water. In the summer they are driven out to pastures, where they enjoy eating green grass.

Cow care not complicated, but it requires constant attention. Only with good care and careful attention to it can a good milk yield be achieved. If you do not keep the animal clean, it can become sick.

It is necessary to stock up on straw for the winter in order to lay it under the animal's feet. If her milking is untimely, she may be threatened with mastitis or a complete loss of milk. Mostly, domestic farming rests on this animal.

People can no longer imagine how milk, sour cream, cottage cheese and all the dishes that can be prepared with their help may not be on the table. From all this we conclude why is a cow a sacred animal in India.

A cow doesn’t eat normally, not like most animals do. She has four chambers in her stomach for digesting food. While the cow is grazing, she swallows the grass without chewing on it.

Then, when the time of rest comes, she belches out a certain amount of food and chews her teeth in a calm atmosphere. Already ground grass now only gets into the last chambers of the stomach. Bacteria and gastric juice help break down food.

Often newcomers to agriculture who want to have a cow are interested, How much hay does a cow need for the winter? Since ancient times, although they were not very literate, people calculated the approximate amount of hay. A cow needs an average of 6 tons of hay. It is important to know one more secret - the warmer the habitat of this animal, the less hay is needed and vice versa.

Reproduction and longevity

Cows live for about 30 years. In 2-3 years they are already fully ready for reproductive function. Inseminate cows by artificial or natural method during its hunting. Owners who know the nature of the animal will certainly notice something wrong in her behavior.

Most often, hunting is manifested by frequent lowing, animal anxiety and loss of appetite. If the cow is in the herd, she can jump on her brethren. This is a sure sign that she is ready for fertilization. Pregnancy lasts 9 months.

During this period, the cow needs special care and good nutrition. When the cow at the start of milking should be stopped. All nutrients in her body should be aimed at carrying healthy calves. It is necessary to monitor the sterility of its content.

And at the slightest sign of a cow’s malaise, you should immediately contact your veterinarian and not risk the life of the animal and offspring. As a result, one or two calves are born. Cow is a mammal animal. From the very beginning of their lives, small calves are soldered with milk and only gradually the rest of the food is introduced into the diet.

Cow Care at Home

The conditions for keeping a cow at home should be such as to benefit most from it. The more comfortable she feels, the tastier and more nutritious her feed will be, the more milk will be delivered from her.

There are two ways to keep cows at home - grazing and stalling. Basically, most often these two options combine with each other in the warm season. Pasture of cattle in summer on a pasture is much more economical than keeping it in a stall.

And the benefits of it are much greater. Indeed, in the fresh air, the cow receives more nutrients that contribute to its excellent development and the quality of its milk.

Cows are grazed in two ways. Grazing is free and driven. During free grazing, the animal moves freely around the pasture and finds food for itself. With a pen pasture, its entire territory is divided into pens, in which animals graze for weeks, then move to another area.

The second option is good because the grass on the pasture is eaten and grows gradually. The effectiveness of the second method is only possible if at least eight such pens can be built.

The stable containing the cow should be lit all the time, at least with a weak light. It is better to keep the animal in a stable on a leash. The room must be warm and not damp, otherwise the animal may get sick.

In the feeder and drinker, a thorough cleaning of the residual feed should be carried out every day. A cow always needs water. If it is not possible to make an auto-drinker in a stable, it is necessary to water the animal at least 3 times a day. If you listen to all the recommendations and follow them you can get high profits from the cow.

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