Carnosaurus - the largest predatory dinosaur

Carnosaurs were and remain the largest two-legged predators that have ever existed on Earth. All carnosaurs, even those that fed on carrion, had to be very strong in order to be able to separate the meat from the bones. The sharp teeth and claws of predators were necessary not only for hunting, but also for protection from fellow tribesmen.

Carnosaurs - huge predatory dinosaurs

A typical representative of the infra-order carnosaurs is the dinosaur allosaurus (Allosaurus“Other” or “strange” “lizard”), who lived about 154-144 million years ago. Allosaurs grew up to 12 meters in length and weighed up to 5 tons. Yes, it was a huge animal, which, most likely, was not able to quickly travel long distances.

Comparison of the sizes of allosaurs

The short but powerful forelegs of the allosaurus dinosaur helped to keep prey. Three fingers were armed with sharp claws that could tear the victim’s skin and flesh. And they did not serve to move - allosaurs walked only on their hind legs.

The allosaurus skull was almost a meter in length. The mouth was full of teeth with jagged edges.

The allosaurus dinosaur had a long tail. This helped balance the weight of the body when walking. The lower limbs ended with three long fingers with sharp claws.

The skull and teeth of the allosaurus relative to the body were not very large. If we compare the proportions of an allosaurus dinosaur with human ones, if a person were 8 m tall, his skull would be 85 cm long.

One of the largest skeletons of an allosaurus dinosaur was found in 1991. The skeleton was preserved by 95%, and received the nickname "Big Al" (MOR 693). The length of the Big Al at the time of death was about 8 feet. The remains were excavated in Wyoming by a team of the Rocky Museum and the University of Wyoming's Geological Museum.

Allosaurus (Allosaurus)


  • length - 10-12 m;
  • growth - up to 5 m.

Lived approximately 155 -144 million years ago.

Diet: large herbivorous dinosaurs.

Habitat: North America, Europe (Portugal).


Family: Allosaurids.
Order: Lizard-dinosaurs.
Suborder: Therapies.
Infrastructure: Carnosaurs.

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