River in a glacier: the unearthly beauties of Greenland

Rivers in the ice - have you heard of this? It turns out that boring and monotonous glaciers can also be surprisingly beautiful. The blue river in Greenland is a place where water of the color of heavenly azure flows through the snow-white “veil” of ice floes ...

First a little geology. As you know, the island of Greenland is a territory completely covered with ice.

Blue river in greenland.

In the north-west of this island is the giant Petermann Glacier. The dimensions of this giant are incredible: 15 kilometers wide and 70 kilometers long.

The base of the Petermann Glacier is about 600 meters thick. Along the edges this "colossus" is a little thinner - from 30 to 80 meters. The Petermann Glacier is the link between the Greenland ice sheet and the Arctic Ocean.

How is the Blue River formed in the ice of Greenland?

The river forms in the area of ​​the Petermann Glacier.

With the advent of summer in the northern hemisphere, the upper stream of glaciers begins to thaw a little. Small streams of streams form in separate places. Merging into one big stream, streams form something like a river. Only her color is truly extraordinary, which you are unlikely to see anywhere else on earth! The water in this river is aquamarine. Together, the whole landscape at this time resembles nothing more than a fairy tale.

Scientific expedition.

Of course, daredevils can’t swim in such a river, but to come as part of a polar expedition and to sail in a boat on this river - there are plenty of people who want to! These inquisitive travelers are not afraid of any possible dangers, for example, in the form of polar bears, nor the northern latitudes with their burning colds.

What does science say about the Petermann Glacier and the melting of glaciers in general?

Blue water is an amazing sight.

Scientists have established that the Petermann Glacier is the largest floating glacier in the northern hemisphere. Most of the mass of the glacier, about 80%, is melt water. As a result of another research expedition, it was found that in the coming years, a giant glacier will lose about 100 square kilometers of glacial area.

Exploration of the blue river.

It is estimated that such a volume of water can provide uninterrupted water supply to an entire Australian Sydney for ten years!

Smaller flows merge into one.

However, such losses are by no means a joke. After all, the larger the masses break away from the glaciers and melt, the greater the level of the World Ocean becomes, which is not so good for the whole planet and for you and me, in particular. An analysis of the last ten years has shown that the glaciers of Greenland began to melt four times faster! Therefore, a glacial tale with blue rivers is likely to disappear from the face of the Earth forever.

Greenland. Melting glaciers.

What will happen next, and how does this threaten the human race? Now no one gives confident answers to this.

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