Toad lizards

These are short-tailed and short-legged lizards of a flat shape and small size. Their other name is frinosomes, Latin - Phrynosoma. Belong to the suborder iguanoobraznyh.

They are noteworthy because they invented their own original way to scare away predators: for this they shoot in the eyes of the enemy with their blood, which has strong irritating properties, due to the fact that it accumulates ant poison in large quantities.

But the frinosomes themselves do not have a bloodthirsty character, they are never the first to come into conflict. Seeing the enemy, they first freeze and try to merge with the environment. In this they are helped by their coloring, which depends on the color of the surrounding soil. But if this trick failed, and they were nevertheless noticed, they set off on their heels, moving from cover to cover.

Toad Lizards (Phrynosoma).

But if the predator nevertheless appears near the toad-shaped lizard, then it begins to swell, similar to how toads do it, thereby making it clear to its adversary that it will not be so easy to eat it. It was because of this ability that the phrinosome was also called frog-shaped.

The body shape of the frog-shaped representatives is not quite common for lizards.

I must say that if someone dares to eat this lizard, then lunch is unlikely to seem so enjoyable. After all, the body of frinosomes is completely covered with scales, which are distinguished by special hardness and varying in size. Moreover, on some scales there are pointed tubercles. And on the sides of this lizard runs a series of triangular teeth. The head is also protected - it has long horns. On the tail there are sharp outgrowths. So the dish can be spicy in the literal sense of the word.

But if this does not scare away the predator, then he risks being caught in a bloody shower. Do this phrinosomes as follows: they have a special muscle, which, compressing, blocks the outflow of blood from the head. As a result, blood pressure rises, and blood vessels burst, ejecting a stream of blood at a distance of one and a half meters. While the attacking predator is trying to figure out what happened, the lizard quickly "takes its feet."

Toad-shaped lizards are a genus of iguana-shaped lizards.

But not all phrenosomes have this skill. Only 4 out of 16 species can boast of their sniper abilities. Other species have to invent their own ways to evade potential dangers. One of them can be a sharp pressing of the belly to the ground, which does not allow the attacker to capture the lizard with the lower jaw. Another option is to expose your pointed growths on the head, thereby protecting the neck.

Toad-shaped lizards are inhabitants of the continent of North America.

Toad lizards live in the northern regions of Mexico and in the southwestern United States of America. They prefer to settle in the desert and semi-desert plains and plateaus. In this case, the soil in these places should be sandy or clay.

Toad-like lizards prefer clay soils.

Some types of frinosom like to live at 3.5 thousandth altitude. In the daytime, it is not possible to see the toad-shaped lizard, since they wait for the hot time of the day, burrowing in the sand. And to make them leave their shelter can only the immediate proximity of their favorite treats - namely ants. Although they do not refuse other insects and spiders.

The mating season in toad-shaped lizards lasts from April to June. Typically, the female lays about 37 eggs, a month later three-centimeter lizards hatch from them. From the very moment of birth, the babies are completely independent and immediately dig in the sand, in order to avoid the fate of being eaten. The life expectancy of frinosis is about 5 years.

Watch the video: Blood Squirting Lizard. National Geographic (February 2020).

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