What to do if you find a dead fish?

Suddenly they discovered that a fish died in your aquarium and don’t know what to do now? We have compiled five tips for you to deal with the death of the fish and what to do if this still happened.

But, remember that even in the most ideal conditions, they still die. Often suddenly, for no apparent reason and very annoying for the owner. Especially if it is a large and beautiful fish, such as cichlids.

First of all, check how your fish breathe!

Often aquarium fish die due to the fact that the parameters of the water have changed.

Most detrimental to them is the low level of oxygen in the water. The characteristic behavior in this case is that most of the fish stand in the surface of the water and swallow air from it. If the situation is not corrected, then after a while they begin to die.

Moreover, such situations can occur even with experienced aquarists! The oxygen content in water depends on the temperature of the water (the higher it is, the less oxygen is dissolved), the chemical composition of the water, the bacterial film on the surface of the water, the outbreak of algae or ciliates.

You can help by partial water changes by turning on aeration or directing the flow from the filter close to the surface of the water. The fact is that during gas exchange, it is precisely the fluctuations in the surface of the water that play a decisive role.

What to do next?

Take a closer look

Check and recount your fish daily during feeding. Are they all alive? Is everyone healthy? Does everyone have a good appetite? Six neon and three speckled, all in place?
If someone is missing, check the corners of the aquarium and lift the lid, maybe it is somewhere up above in the plants?

But you may not find a fish, it is quite possible that she died. In this case, stop searching. As a rule, a dead fish becomes visible anyway, it either floats to the surface, or lies at the bottom, the floor with snags, stones, or even gets into the filter. Inspect the aquarium every day for a dead fish? If found, then ....

Remove dead fish

Any dead fish, like large snails (such as ampullarium or mariz) should be removed from the aquarium. They very quickly rot in warm water and create the soil for the development of bacteria, the water is cloudier, it starts to stink. This all poisons other fish and leads to their death.

Inspect the dead fish

If the fish has not decomposed too much, then do not disdain to inspect it. This is unpleasant, but necessary. Her whole fins and scales? Maybe her neighbors beat her to death? Are the eyes in place and are they not cloudy? Strongly bloated belly as in the picture? Maybe she has an internal infection or is poisoned by something.

Check the water

Each time you find a dead fish in your aquarium, you need to check the quality of the water using tests. Very often, the cause of fish death is an increase in the content of harmful substances in the water - ammonia and nitrates. To test them, get pre-tests for water, preferably drip.


The test results will show two results, either everything is fine in your aquarium and you have to look for a different reason, or the water is already quite dirty and you need to replace it. But, remember that it is better to change no more than 20-25% of the volume of the aquarium so as not to change the conditions of keeping the fish too sharply.

If everything is in order with water, then you need to try to determine the cause of the death of the fish. Of the most common: diseases, hunger, overfeeding (especially with dry feed and bloodworms), long stress due to improper conditions, age, attack of other fish. And a very common reason - and who knows why ...

Believe me, any aquarist, even one who has kept complex fish for many years, has sudden deaths, watch your favorite fish.

If the incident is an isolated case, then do not worry - just make sure that new fish do not die. If this happens all the time, then obviously something is wrong. Be sure to contact an experienced aquarist, it’s easy to find now, since there are forums and the Internet.

Watch the video: FISH DEAD TANK what to do if you find dead fish in Aquarium (February 2020).

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