Aquarium fish angelfish - maintenance and care

In the reservoirs of South America overgrown with thick plants, a small fish was born and gradually acquired a rather bizarre shape. The unusual inhabitant gradually became a real decoration of the reservoirs, which is why she got a beautiful name: "scalar", which translates as a winged leaf. Decoration of the aquarium - the fish "angel" In Europe, a small scalar was called "angel", while also becoming a fairly popular inhabitant of aquariums among Europeans.

Brazilian luminous shark

The Brazilian luminous shark, or in Latin, is a species of upright sharks belonging to the genus of luminous sharks. These are small-sized deep-sea sharks that are known for their bright glow and how they can bite pieces of meat from fish that are much larger in size, such as cetaceans.

Yak. Yak lifestyle and habitat

Features and habitat of the yak Yak is an animal with a long large body, small legs and round hooves. His head is lowered, as it were. The mass of the creature is also capital - up to one and a half tons. The body can reach a length of up to 4.5 meters, of which almost a meter falls on the tail. Thanks to the hump on the back, we can say that the animal has a sloping back.

Pomeranian Spitz

Pomeranian, better known as orange, is a decorative and incredibly popular dog breed. In some canine federations, including the MKF, the orange is considered as a variety of German Spitz, and in others, including the AKC, it stands out as a separate, completely independent breed.

Crocodile Cayman - a reptile native to America

Crocodile caimans are representatives of the genus of spectacled caimans, a family of alligators. The range of these reptiles captures South and Central America: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Peru, Costa Rica, Salvador Guatemala, Guyana, Ecuador, Cuba, Tobago, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Trinidad, Venezuela and the United States.

Psittacosaurus: Parrot Dinosaur

A psittacosaurus ... a sophisticated name, isn't it? But there are more surprises from this ancient reptile. What else can this dinosaur surprise us with, let's find out ... Another name for the psittacosaurus is “parrot lizard”. Looking at the image of this ancient reptile modeled by scientists on the basis of the remains, you will understand that you called the animal for nothing.